Develop Online Chat App using ASP.NET Signal-R

In this video we demonstrate on creating of simple chat application that enables multi-directional communication using ASP.NET MVC Signal-R.

Signal-R is open source ASP.NET library that provides the capability to send real time asynchronous notification to client side web application.

Using Signal-R, you can implement various use cases in your project like

  • To display deals and new products launch to all connected users (Typical ecommerce website)
  • Chat Application
  • Manage User Session (Login/Log-off) - Display user online or offline (Like Facebook or Insta notifications)
  • Stock Ticker - Updating real time stock rates
  • Real time assigning of Leads to Sales
  • Uber like application where one can check the cab arriving on Maps

We have kept the process of developing the online chat application simple and to the point for better understanding the power of Signal-R.

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