PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition vs PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition: What has Changed in the PMP® Exam?

PMI is the most renowned project management institute and provides a non-profit professional membership association for Project Managers and Program Managers. PMI is also the organization that maintains and manages the Project Management Bible i.e Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Every 4 to 5 years it updates the contents and introduces new concepts, process basis the survey conducted and skillset.

The article provides a brief overview of the changes /updates between PMBOK 5th and PMBOK 6th edition. It is very important for new PMP aspirants to know the updates in PMBOK 6th edition to prepare and pass the exam.

In the current PMBOK 5th edition there are 5 Process Groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitor/Control and Closing) and 10 Knowledge Area those are Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Schedule Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project Resource Management, Project Communication Management, Project Risk Management, Project Procurement Management, and Project Stakeholder Management.

The changes in 6th Edition will be around the Process and Knowledge Mentioned along with few additions of Process and Rename of Titles.

Change in Knowledge Area

No change in the 10 Knowledge Area i.e. the knowledge area will remain the same as PMBOK 5th edition except for 2 knowledge Area that is Renamed

  1. Project Time Management is Renamed to Project Schedule Management
  2. Human Resource Management is Renamed to Project Resource Management

No Change in the 5 Project Groups

Change in Processes

Each Knowledge Area comprises of Processes. In the PMBOK 6th edition there is an addition in Processes. Total 3 new Processes is introduced i.e.

  1. Manage Project Knowledge (KA – Project Integration Management)
  2. Control Resource (KA – Project Resource Management)
  3. Implement Risk Response (KA- Project Risk Management)

There are few Processes that have been renamed

Old Name New Name
Control communication Monitor communication
Control Risk Monitor Risk
Control Stakeholder Engagement Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
Perform Quality Assurance Manage Quality
Plan Human Resources Management Plan Resource Management
Plan Stakeholder Management Plan Stakeholder Engagement
Acquire Project Team Acquire Resources
Develop Project Team Develop Team
Manage Project Team Manage Team

In the deletion area, one process i.e. Close Procurement is removed from 6th Edition.

With the inclusion & deletion of process, now in PMBOK 6th Edition, we have total 49 Processes compared to PMBOK 5th edition which had 47 processes

Introduction to Agile 

The most impactful change bought by PMI is the introduction of the Agile concept in new PMBOK. Efforts have been made to align the Agile concept in all 10 Knowledge Areas.

Knowledge Area – New Sections  

PMI has introduced 4 sections in all 10 knowledge areas.

  1. Key Concepts
  2. Trends and Emerging Practices
  3. Tailoring Consideration
  4. Consideration for Agile/Adaptive Environments

Risk Response Strategy Update

A new Positive Risk is added as “Escalate”. The Positive risk is to emphasis for project managers to Escalate if things are identified and no action is taken to address the positive risk. Once escalated the Project Manager either remove the risk or mark/classify it as “Escalated”


It is very important for an aspirant to understand the new updates and prepare accordingly for the PMP certification for PMBOK 6th edition. Registered PMI members can download PMBOK 6th edition digitally from

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