Secret to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Your project success directly relies on the way your organize, lead and manage your teams. You are what your team is and so it's very critical that you understand and know how to manage your teams.

In this article , we have jotted down some of the key elements that enable one to boast teams productivity.


The most important trait for successful project management is to lead and lead from front. As a leader you need to showcase some of the leadership trait like leading from front, understanding the emotions of your team members, identifying teams strength and weakness of your team members


Communication plays a very vital role for any project success. Whether we are starting new projects, need some dependency to be closed, have team onboarding to be done, fetching approvals for cost or efforts, in all these areas, communication is very crucial and need to be your most important component that teams adhere too.

Team building

Team building activities is organized so teams come together and work towards a common goal of project. It enables to form good relatioinship within the team and encourages collaboration and team work.

Some of the team building activities that can be done with your teams includes

  1. Solving a Puzzle
  2. Host a lunch and Learn
  3. Offsite
  4. Salt and Pepper - for communication

Identify your teams Strength and Weakness

It is important to know your team well and identify their strength and weekness. Imagine if you are the caption of football game and if you don't know who is best and what then how will you plan your game strategy to win the match ?

Identifying your team's strength and weekness enable you to assign work accordingly for desired result and output.

Reward your team on timely basis

Everybody require recognition of work. It is very difficult for one to excel and achieve the desired result without been appreciated and motivated for the work performed.

As a project manager, its your prime duty to appreciate and motivate your teams on regular basis. Sometime manager wait till some major achievement is done by team in order to appreciate them but ideally you should find opportunity to appreciate and motivate team even for smaller achievement that add value to your project progress. Motivation is must and this culture of appreciating and motivating peoples goes a long way for success.

Timely Feedback

Providing feedback to team on timely basis motivates team members and enables them to improve on their work standards for better productivity and results.

As a project manager, you need to ensure and provide constructive feedback to your teams on regular intervals.


As mentioned earlier, your success directly depends on how you lead and manage your teams. There are many more techniques apart from the one mentioned in this article and as a project manager, it all depends what technique to adopt based on the situation are you dealing and always improve with right approach, tools & techniques.

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